Easter Release Ready ;)

Published: Monday, 13 April 2020 Written by Bernhard von Gunten

A small easter release of Ice Hockey Manager is finished and ready for download. The game is still in early development and this technical release is not yet fully playable.

This release does contain the first introduction of lineup management. Lines can be set manually in the ui (by drag & drop gestures) and reflect the current fitness, attributes and position abilities of players. During the match, the line for the next shift can be be selected. For the first time, IHM does take attributes (speed, acceleration) and the current fitness of a player into account during match simulation. Tired and less talented players skate slower than others. Team rooster and player details are now presented in the proof of concept ui. A game can now be saved and loaded for testing.

Watch the current Screenhots, and find the current release 0.1.1 in the Downloads section.

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